Passionate about photography and web design. I’m currently working on several exciting projects under the brand ‘black palms’ with (my peeps) Sandra and Maxi.


My passion started quite a while back with random blog photo sessions. Testing different styles, angles, and skills I discovered along the way.  Trying to create a unique style that reflects my personality and the blogs style at its best.
What does this mean exactly?
I would describe my photography style as a mixture of street style, close-up & event photography.


My second biggest passion is to create and design concepts and websites for bloggers & e-commerce/online shops.


I’m excited and looking forward to working with you on a broad spectrum of projects.
Let me assist you in creating concepts and strategies for your online advertisement. Let me help you visualize and design great websites, blogs, and online shops and share my photography skills with you.


My work is labelled under BenSammer by black palms.
Black palms is a collaborative project with Sandra and Maxi.


If you feel like our styles could match, feel free to get in touch about any projects that cross your mind